Who We Are

BURAQ CORP is a registered Pharmaceutical Export, Supply, and Distribution company that functions under the Company’s Ordinance 2017. Buraq Corp is a licensed exporter, supplier, and distributor and is certified by the Ministry of Health. The core value of the company is to strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing them with the best services at a very affordable price.

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Our Services

Buraq Corp is primarily Exporting, Supplying and Distributing a wide range of local and Multinational medicines to the local and the global market. Buraq Corp aims to provide matchless services and competitive prices to its clientele.
Surgical Instruments
Buraq Corp deals in General Surgical Instruments that are fundamental for every surgery. As skill, precision and expertise are crucial factors in the success of surgeries and operations, the importance of excellent quality surgical instruments is undeniable. To ensure this Buraq Corp provides unparalleled quality instruments to its clients.
Consumer Goods
Buraq Corp also deals in consumer goods and has a wide range of products available. We deal in goods and products that are durable, quality, standardized and have passed through strict quality control procedures.
OTC Products
Buraq Corp aspires to be a one stop export business for all the medical needs of our clients, to cover this aspect we have a diverse range of OTC products. The goods and products that are exported, distributed and supplied by Buraq Corp are of the highest quality standards.


Why Choose Us?

Main pillars that define the philosophy and work ethics of Buraq Corp are Quality, Convenient, committed and contemporary.

BURAQ CORP believes in high standards of product quality because our valuable customers deserve nothing but the best, to ensure this we at Buraq Corp spend our energies to provide products that are quality, economical, standard and authentic.
We at Buraq Corp are very well aware of the ever changing and fast-growing industry of pharmaceuticals and health care. We keep the pace of advancement in mind and timely introduce products that would benefit our clients.
Buraq Corp primarily emphasizes the shipments and logistics at convenience, by keeping order time and client’s commitment at utmost priority. The shipments and logistics are 100 % authorized and legal which enables us and our clients to reach at maximum goals and objectives.
Each individual at Buraq Corp is committed to his work and we keep our customers values at the top. We strive hard to meet the expectations of our clients and value their input and feedback. We work round the clock to ensure that only the best is delivered on time to our customers.