Who We Are

BURAQ CORP is a registered Pharmaceutical Export, Supply, and Distribution company that functions under the Company’s Ordinance 2017. Buraq Corp is a licensed exporter, supplier, and distributor and is certified by the Ministry of Health. The core value of the company is to strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing them with the best services at a very affordable price.

Our Mission

BURAQ CORP is committed to provide and cater to the ever-evolving pharmaceutical and health care demands of customers around the globe. Innovation and quality standard is the integral part that our company focuses on, this gives us an edge over the competitors in the market.

our vision

BURAQ CORP aspires to be one of the leading exporters in the pharmaceuticals and health care sector globally. We aim to add value to society by providing unmatched services, quality products with risk-free services that ensure the satisfaction of our clients and creates a strong bond of reliability.

our network

BURAQ CORP is associated unmediated with all the pharmaceuticals and health care companies operating Nationally and Internationally. This strong alliance enables Buraq Corp to deliver the orders on a timely basis. Professionalism and punctuality are the fundamentals of our company.